Don’t throw out your grandmother’s jewelry!

Costume Jewelry

For the past few years I have been collecting, selling and researching vintage costume jewelry and I learn something new every day!  Many pieces have created fashion trends and have a connection to what was historically going on in the country.  Many people refer to “costume jewelry” as “junk jewelry” which could not be any further from the truth!  Many of the manufacturers had plants in United States and European Countries, and the quality was unlike any of today’s costume jewelry.  Many of the stones were glass (not plastic), they were held in place by prongs (not glue) and fittings and fixures were incredibly ornate and detailed.  There are many small businesses and shops on Etsy and Ebay that continue to repurpose these items or sell just the beads or fittings, so if you are looking for something new, different I urge you to look on Ebay , Etsy, Estate Sales and 2nd hand stores, you may be pleasantly surpised!